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Hello! Nice to meet you!

Meet the artist, Rebecca Burdock of Rebecca Ink., LLC

I'm Rebecca of Rebecca Ink., LLC. I am an artist, wife, mom, small business owner, fabric and graphic designer, curator, mandala dot painter, tutorial creator... I am creating joy through art and creative encouragement. My mission is to bring art to every home and every person.

I have interest in just about everything! I have a background in fine art. My main art form is drawing. I enjoy creating with pen and ink, watercolor and paint. Typically I draw animals, but I also love creating ornaments and mandala stones.

My process is simple. Pen to paper and go!


I became the curator of the Highline Coffee Art Space in January of 2021. It has since sold and is now Kittie's. Different name - but the same great coffee with freshly baked pastries and art!

It is an absolute joy to meet new artists and display their work. I am learning so much behind the scenes about their processes.

How cool is that?

The street view of Highline Cooffee Co., home of the Highline Coffee Art Space.

Sunny the Firefly written by Lee Ann Lander and illustrated by yours truly

is available online at multiple locations! 

Get your copy now!


I am...

100 DAY PROJECT 2023

New year, new 100 Day Project! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see what I'm creating!

RBG Stone
Teaching Sunny.jpg

Teaching Sunny!

We are taking Sunny the Firefly

on the road!

Author Lee Ann and I are traveling around to schools and events sharing Sunny the Firefly! It is a beautiful story with a ton of scalable lessons. We absolutely love sharing it! We have a variety of things we do including storytime, discussions, Q & A, book development, story writing and of course, my favorite is directed drawing. Teaching people how to draw Sunny is super fun!

If you want us to come to your school or event, email me and we'll make it happen!

Upcoming Shows



Kittie's Highline Art Space

November - December 2024

Want to partner with Rebecca? Send a message! 



Retail Partners

Pure Roots

18 N. State Street
Westerville, OH 43081

(614) 259-3515

Kittie's Highline

693 High Street
Worthington, OH 43085

(614) 992-2899


I am thrilled to say thank you to the Greater Columbus Arts Council! Thank you for awarding me a 2022 Individual Artist Grant to continue creating and expanding my audience. It means the world to me! Thank you to Mayor Andrew Ginther, Columbus City Council Members and Franklin County Commissioners for your support of the arts in Columbus. Art brings us all together and makes life beautiful. I am thrilled! With this grant I am going to be able to purchase more prints and stationery note cards of my work and have beautiful frames to put original pieces in. I'm going to create more fun stickers to expand my audience to a younger crowd and continue to explore dot art with some new resin and tools. The Arts Council supports local artists and continues to make central Ohio an awesome place to work and live. I truly appreciate it!


Want to partner? Let's talk!

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