Welcome to my site! I'm Rebecca and I'm glad you're here! There's a lot to see and do!

Want my artwork in your shop or gallery? Let's talk! Send me message! 

Commission one of my intricate hand painted RBG inspired stones! Each stone is unique and features design elements from Ruth Bader Ginsburg's amazing collars. 


In honor of Justice Ginsburg, a donation is made with each stone purchase. Your stone will come with an artist statement explaining the design. They are amazing!

Learn more about the stones.

making masks?

Check out my fabric designs!


I joined artist Terry Runyan's Daily Creating Group in February 2021. She gives weekly prompts on Sunday and each day you spend about a half an hour creating something. 

The idea is to explore new ideas and mediums in a very free and relaxed way. I have been loving it!


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Do you have a Rebecca Ink ornament on your tree?

Are you coloring my coloring pages?

Did you do a drawing tutorial?

I'm so proud of you!

I want to see!

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